Beach Distancing: May 13, 2020

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Oh boy…I’m almost afraid to make this post over the hotly debated virus issue.

We’ve all seen the pictures and videos all over TV and social media of the packed beaches in Port A and elsewhere. In some cases, the angle of the shot has a lot to do with the interpretation…not to mention the specific location.

I took the (untouched) photo (above) with my cell phone from ground level at one of the locations in the video. I looks like a traffic jam at a Cowboys game (except for the sand)…but these vehicles where 3 to 4 car lengths apart…AND…there was a 20 mph wind blowing in from the gulf, into the dunes.

Everyday, I get asked if the beaches are safe. The best way for me to answer this is show this video and let you decide for yourself.

Obviously, things get a little more “cozy” the closer you get to Port A…and things open up more as you head South…and the beaches around the bollards are not very crowded.

If a picture is worth a thousand words…then how many is a video worth?

Maybe less?


PS: Yes…this shot on a Wednesday. I’ll try again on the weekend, if possible.

PSS: My bottom line is that we have over 10 miles of beaches and a constant onshore breeze. Someone can probably find their own “safe” spot…with a little driving…or a drone!

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