Back to the beach…but let’s all be safe!

It is so good to be back at the beach…but we’ve still got take care for the health of our family, friends, neighbors and other vacationers.

During our re-re-opening we ask that our guests continue to use the prescribed precautions to keep everyone safe at Crafty’s, The Mayan Princes and all of our business partners in Port Aransas, Padre Island and Corpus Christi.

My housekeepers are all set for thorough cleanings between guests.

But…I need to ask all guests to provide their own sanitary supplies: 
  • Masks
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Wipes
  • Sprays

Why?…well, unfortunately, because of the ongoing shortages in the supply chain…hospitality business owners have reported that these items tend to “walk away”.

But…at the present we do have plenty of T.P. LOL!

So, let’s all get our Beach Therapy in…and have fun…weird tan lines or not!

 – Crafty – 

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