We’ll Be Back…

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After 900 Days of Harvey Recovery…here we go again…thanks to COVID-19.

Trying to plan for our post-Harvey re-opening was a nightmare. Deadline after deadline came and went…lots of book and cancel…book and cancel.

Finally, I just decided that we wouldn’t take new reservations until after I had been onsite for 90 Days….and that worked…but believe me, it took every one of those 90 Days to make sure we were ready.

COVID creates a very unusual situation because it isn’t just about fixing a building…heck, it’s about the entire vacation package. There is no sense in opening the condos, unless restaurants, shops, attractions and all are fully open to the public.

And…because I live 450 miles away from Crafty’s…keeping up to date on city-by-city and county-by-county “lock down” rules across Texas is very tricky.

So, thanks to my good friend, Ricky Nichols (orange shirt)¬†at The Angry Marlin Restaurant, on the island, I’ve come up with a plan: We’ll Be Back…When They’re Back!

We’ve got lot’s of folks “chompin’ at the bit” for summer reservations, but I’m not a fan of the old “book/cancel…book/cancel” game….been there, done that.

So, I’ve blocked my calendars for new reservations until local businesses, like “The Marlin” have had a couple of weeks to get re-opened, staffed and back in operation.

Ricky is keeping me up to date on what’s going on in Nueces and Aransas Counties, as are friends in the San Antonio, Austin and other areas.

So…here’s the deal…when Ricky gets the “green light” and The Angry Marlin can re-open their doors…I’ll re-open my calendars two-weeks later.

Of course, VIP Returning Guests and Coconuts Club members will get a little advance notice and some special “perks” too.

Y’all stay safe!

– Crafty –

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