Offshore Flight

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On a foggy day, you can hear the fog horns from the offshore wells and rigs from our balconies.

And…on not so foggy days you can see them in the distance.

I’ve always wanted to see what they were like…and so I cranked up the Mavic 2 drone and took to the air…without knowing if I could make it there and back.

The max flight time for the drone is about 35 minutes and the range is about 4 miles on a clear day, over an open area…like the ocean. So…off I went.

Fortunately, Mavis (that’s her name) keeps me updated on her flight status. At about 3 miles, she reached the first structure…but before she could reach the third one, she was sending warnings that she didn’t have enough battery to return home.

But, we had a moderate onshore breeze that day, so I knew that she would expend more energy on her outbound flight that on her return…and so I over rode her alarms.

Well, we managed to visit 3 structures and return home with 2 minutes to spare.

Oh…take a careful look at the first rig…you’ll see dolphins in the upper left corner. You can see them breaking the surface and their pale shadows under the water.


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