800 Days!

Today marks 800 torturous days since Harvey turned our world upside down!


Upside Down

Like so many others, we have been through what seems like some convoluted, twisted, living nightmare.

There was absolutely horrible communications and nothing made sense. Time had no meaning…neither did deadlines or promises.

Up was down and down was up…Good was bad and bad…well, let’s just say that disasters attract some really, really bad and greedy people, who know how turn tragedy into their own gain…meanwhile hiding their ill intentions behind a benevolent mask. 

Shame on all of them.

Broken Promises

Here’s Your Light Switch


…And, Your New Smoke Detector


Have fun on the balcony


We saw so many “re-opening” dates that came and went, that I can’t even remember all of them…Spring-2018, Summer-2018, Fall-2018, Spring-2019, Summer-2019?

It has been hugely embarrassing to announce re-openings, take reservation and then cancel them…again and again.

I have been to Crafty’s three times since the storm….every time I left in utter disappointment after our “benevolent”  managers and contractors had assured me that we were “good to go”…only to find that neither condo was remotely suited for human habitation. Shame!

Good To Go

Sand Blasting


Heavy Equipment






Last spring, the “benevolent” people in charge of renovation began to believe their own lies..and opened most of the property to guests in May, for the summer season…Take a look at photos above..that were taken in August. How would you like for this to be your summer vacation? Shame?

Not Cool

In August, I made a visit with the full intent to get things ready for a fall re-opening…only to find that someone had stolen my programmable thermostats and broken both refrigerators (probably used them to cool the condos). We had no air conditioning and lacked electricity in several rooms and no water in one of the kitchens.

Many of our brand new furnishing and personal belongings were either damaged or missing all together. I also found the entire property was unlocked and unguarded at night.

…not a “benevolent” manager is site. Shame!

Turn Over Your Keys

And to add insult to injury, after 8 years of managing Crafty’s by myself, the”benevolent” managers thought that it was a bad idea for owners to deal directly with their guests.

They believed that they could do a better job…and that I needed to hand over all of my operations to them….rentals, housekeeping, marketing, finances…and even my locks and keys.

No kidding…they were seriously going to change MY locks. Shame!

Oh, And…Fork Over The Cash

Not only did the “benevolent” managers want the keys…they wanted the CASH too…from both YOU and ME. Their “master plan” included adding new fees of up to 20% on my guests and taking another 20% of the rents.

So, guests would pay more and I would receive less…while they lapped up my eight years of hard work and guest loyalty. 

Their scheme would have taken almost $20,000 from the guests to send to the big listing sites in San Francisco or Seattle…and another $10,000 to line their pockets.

And…their personal “take” would have been almost $30,000 from Crafty’s. That would have left no money to reinvest in the properties to keep them up.

So…Sixty-Thousand-Dollars….POOF! (and that’s just my two condos)


Broken Heart

With all of this going on, by September, my heart was broken…LITERALLY!…the stress of all of this landed me in a cardiac intensive care facility in La Grange, Texas, which led to heart surgery a few weeks later in Dallas.

At that point, I made the decision  that I would NOT re-open Crafty’s…knowing that my guests were being taken advantage of and I had lost control of my properties…what a shame!

A New Dawn

Fortunately, the surgery was successful and I’m on the mend….but the best news came just a few days ago.

Apparently, while I was recovering,  the “greedy grab” backfired. Several other property owners didn’t like having their property “seized” by the SHAMELESS managers and national listing sites who want to steal your vacation dollars and my condos.  

The greedy “power grab” came to screeching halt.

But the “benevolent” thieves have only offered their bountiful mercies for 11 months…after which time they have vowed to try again…and will come knocking on my door one more time…like some kind of psychopathic Trick-Or-Treater. Shame!

I’m Back

So….with a sigh of relief, a smile on my face…and a steady beat in my chest again…I’m happy to report that Crafty’s WILL BE coming back in 2020!

I arrived at the condos today and will be on-site for most of November and December to get the contractors to finish up their work and to put all of the extra touches in place for you, our friends and guests!

Stay Tuned for new and regular updates as we proceed.

PS: Please share this post with others so that they can steer clear of all these “fee” scammers and so called “property managers” that are ruining everyone’s vacations…guests and owners alike.

Thanks for bearing with Crafty’s during this long, painful and SHAMEFUL ordeal.

 – Crafty –

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14 Responses

  1. Becky Palmer
    | Reply

    We have missed Crafty’s and can’t wait to come back. So glad to hear you are recovering both you and the beach retreat are recovering.

    • Crafty
      | Reply

      Thanks, Becky….we’ll leave the light on for ya’

  2. Georgann muckleroy
    | Reply

    It’s been a few years since our stay. I’m so sorry for what you’ve been through!
    I’m glad you took a stand. I really appreciate you being so conscientious of your rentals and your guests. Your update is very enlightening and helpful!

    • Crafty
      | Reply

      Hey Georgann…

      Can you believe this “stuff”?

      …can’t wait to show all of the new and shiny stuff…stay tuned!

  3. Marcie Erwin
    | Reply

    Richard, so glad you are recovering from heart surgery…..My families vacation photos have growing grandchildren but your condos are in all the vaca pics. We miss it! I noticed you have me blocked out for both condos for the first week in July…. see you then! Blessings. marcie

    • Crafty
      | Reply

      Hey Marcie…

      The ticker is doing much better…and happier, just to know that you’ll back again in 2020.

  4. Sheryl Vicenik
    | Reply

    Glad you are back. We have missed coming in the summer. The Clemens bunch will be back this summer. Sorry you’ve had to go through such a horrible ordeal.

    • Crafty
      | Reply

      Hey Sheryl…

      It will be great to have you and all The Girls back again in 2020.

  5. Amy Bivins
    | Reply

    So glad you are doing ok Crafty! That heart stuff is some scary waters to tread – we’ve been there too. Hate that the “big guys” are bullying but we will scream from the roof tops for ya! Can’t wait be back at this beautiful beach in 2020!!

    • Crafty
      | Reply

      Thanks, Amy…

      I’ve got your dates blocked and look forward to having you back again…with all my heart…LOL

  6. Symoni Harvey
    | Reply

    I am so sorry as well as infuriated with this update! I did notice I haven’t seen a update in a while ! What a mess. I’m so glad you are a smart businessman and a prideful owner of your condos. Saying a prayer for a continued up and up on your health and condo production! One of our greatest vacations was at your condo! We fell in love with it so much , our daughter now attends Texas A&M Corpus Christi 🙂

    • Crafty
      | Reply

      Thanks, Symoni…

      “Infuriated” is a good way to put it. But, we’re working hard to overcome the “skulduggery” that seems to be taking over the vacation rental industry.

      Hope to have you back again, soon!

  7. Elizabeth J Dalton
    | Reply

    I am so sorry that your health was so compromised by these greedy scam artists! But very happy you and your fellow owners stood up to them!

    • Crafty
      | Reply

      Thanks, Betsy!

      I’m feeling much better and looking forward to getting back up and running.

      As the vacation rental business has grown…so have these parasites. Please spread the word!

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