Harvey Update: April 19, 2019

Last week, I made the dreaded announcement that June’s and July’s calendars were closed because I could not guarantee that we’d be ready. In the last 600+ days, I’ve seen so many “Reopening” dates come and go, that I could not with all honesty play the “Yo-Yo Game” any more…especially for those guests whose Summer Vacation were on the line.

I used to take my family to the same spot in Grand Cayman every year. Once we arrived and as we checked in, we were informed that the pool would out of commission for a week. WHAT???? Why weren’t we told this in advance. We ended up at another property, where we have since returned to many times since.

The closed pool and “zero  notice” experience left us with a bad taste for a long, long time.

Another story…Once, I took 30+ colleagues to a fancy resort in Florida for a 5 day business conference. When we arrived, the building was covered in scaffolding. There were workmen everywhere, and the sound of jackhammers and heavy equipment filled the air. I asked if we could be moved to another resort. The answer was YES…but not until the next day.

We went to our rooms to change from our traveling clothes for a pool side “Welcome” cocktail. I slid open the patio door to take in the ocean breezes and was greeted with a down pour of filthy water from the tile cutter upstairs…and the sound of jack hammers that extended into the night…oh, and the pool was closed!!!

Protests to the front desk resulted in nothing…after all, MY room was ready…wasn’t it?

Fast forward to last week…when I announced June and July were off the table. I caught a lot of “flack” from other property owners on The Island…saying that my post and the previous week’s video had scared people off. Maybe they did…but I’d rather scare people of, then run them off…forever!

On the flip side…I personally contacted each and every June & July guest and received an overwhelming “Thank You” for giving them the advance notice. I was even able to find alternate lodging for some of them.

Doing the right thing isn’t always easy or popular with your peers…but caring for your guests and their families is the only thing that matters at Crafty’s. Here are few of their comments from last week:

  • “We do appreciate your concern for your guests. We can’t wait to get back to our favorite beach place!” 
  • “Appreciate your concern and proactive communication. Just another example of how committed you are to ensuring your guests are well informed and taken care of! Looking forward to when we can get back down there to your place.” 😎 
  • “So sorry about the cancellation. We will certainly be back next year! Best wishes for a speedy completion of your Condos.”
  • “I am so sorry to see your beautiful resort looking so sad. Thanks for letting me know that our reservation won’t work. I really hope you’re back up and running very soon. Maybe the kids can plan another visit for next year.”
  • “So sad, but, yes, of course we agree to the cancellation.  Hope you can get back to business soon!” 
  • “I’m so sorry to hear this, but know that you’re making the right call. We are completely fine with cancelling our reservation. I’ll continue to keep an eye out and will look forward to making our long awaiting return trip to your amazing condos in summer of 2020 – fingers crossed. Thank you so much for your honest assessment, I know that [you] will be back and better than ever soon. Chat with you soon.” 
  • “We appreciate the heads up. We are sorry to hear that it will not be ready yet. You do have permission to cancel our reservation and refund the deposit.  Please do let us know when there is more info.” 
  • “Well, Crafty, I feel sorry for us, but mostly I feel sorry for you.  Two years is too long for those repairs.  Being in the construction industry, we’ve heard the horror stories.  Insurance companies that should protect you, have stopped a lot of people, right in their tracks.  A friend’s construction company just pulled out of Corpus, for those reasons.” 
  • “Thanks for your email. I saw your video and it is just heartbreaking to see [you] still in that shape. We are so sorry to hear that we will not be able to come down to your place again this summer. We truly wish this was not the case and that things were back to ‘normal’. I cannot imagine how difficult this has been. I understand you will need to cancel our reservations. Please keep us posted if anything changes. Our thoughts are with you and hope that things progress quicker than they have been with the rest of the work needed in order to get the place back open.”

  1. Sharon Dolezal
    | Reply

    Am so sorry this has been such an on going nightmare for you and your family. We are in the
    process of packing up and moving for the first time in almost 40 years. Hoping to be bac k in
    Texas the month of August. Maybe things will be looking up by then and we will be able to stay at
    your lovely condos at that time. Hoping this summer is productive for you.

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