Getting There

My address for your GPS is:

7477 State Highway 361
Port Aransas, Texas 78373

Unless you have a private plane, yacht or hover craft…there are only two ways to get on Mustang Island:

  1. The Corpus Christi JFK Memorial Causeway Bridge
  2. The Aransas Pass/Port Aransas Ferries

Pros & Cons

My condos are smack in the middle of Mustang Island and just 10 minutes from either the ferries or the bridge.

On busy weekends, both the bridge and the ferries can get backed up…but the ferries can get really, really backed up sometimes.

If you’re coming from the East via Victoria, like I do, the ferries will be closer, but the detour through Corpus Christi and over the bridge might save time in the long run during peak days like Fridays and Sundays and Holiday weekends.

I-35 Corridor Guests

Most of my guests come from somewhere along the I-35 corridor which runs through Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio & New Braunfels. For those of you, The Causeway Bridge is probably your best bet. You’ll pick up Interstate 37 in San Antonio and head South to Corpus Christi and grab South Padre Island Drive (358)…everyone just calls it SPID…which will take you over the bridge, onto The Island.

Hang a left on Highway 361 and we’ll be about 10 minutes away on your left.

PS: Don’t forget about the Highway 130 toll road (The Pickle Parkway) that by passes most of the Austin/San Antone traffic on I-35. I was doing 85mph and had people blowing my me…and then there’s always Black’s BBQ in Lockhart too!!!!

South and West Texas Guests

You’ll just head to Corpus and grab either Interstate 37 or jump on SPID, like the I-35 Guests and head on over the bridge.

Corpus Christi International Airport Guests

You’ll exit the airport on to Highway 44 and head to 358/SPID, just like everyone else above. It’s about a 45 minute drive to the condos.

East of I-35 Guests – Via Victoria

If you’re headed in from the greater Houston area or College Station or further North and East…chances are that you’ll be swinging through Victoria. Sometimes, I come this way.

Most of the time, during off-days, we grab 77 South from Victoria to 239 towards Tivoli and take 35 through Rockport and into Aransas Pass, where the ferries are.

On busy weekends, we’ll just stay on 77, all the way through Corpus Christi and grab 358/SPID over the Causeway Bridge.

Crafty Scenic Route – D/FW and North Texas Guests

Personally, I’ll take a taco stand over a fancy restaurant, and scenic route over a white knuckle, death defying road race with the 18-wheelers up I-35. Over the years, I’ve found some cool routes along the way

If you’re interested [CLICK HERE].

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