The Pickle Parkway


OK…here’s a quick post about the FASTEST┬ápiece of concrete in the Heart of Texas.

For those of us who venture to the Redneck Riviera via I-35…this is transformative.

THE PICKLE PARKWAY or more properly: Texas State Highway 130. Some people say that we should call it the Texas Motor Speedway because the speed limits vary between 80 and 85 and I’ve been passed easily at 90.

This masterpiece will get you to or from either South of San Antone and into Georgetown…by passing the chronic roadblock of the Round Rock/Austin/New Braunfels/San Antonio corridor.

It is a toll road…and a little pricey…but time is money.

But there’s a huuuuuge bonus with all this. This road cuts right through the heart of the Texas Barbecue Trail…especially, Lockhart which for a town it’s size has some of the best Texas has to offer. My personal favorite is Black’s Barbecue and their dinosaur sized BEEF RIBS!

I used to dread my I-35 drive…now my mouth waters when I think about it.






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